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Did you know that your feet and hands are intertwined with specific organs and other bodily functions? This is known as reflexology. Your liver and pancreas, as well as the kidneys, can be stimulated by foot reflexology. Your lower back and intestines are connected to the heel, and the tips of your toes provide a direct link to your head. Many seek this treatment to relieve chronic pains like reflex headaches. This type of alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular as those of us in Pensacola and around the world realize the lasting benefits of reflexology massage.


Healing Power

Applying pressure to the feet and hands can translate into healing stimulation for other parts of the body. Getting a reflexology massage can help to alleviate headaches or remedy digestive issues. The power to improve your overall health and well being is brought forth through reflexology with just a gentle touch.


Ultimate Sense of Relaxation

Not only will a reflexology massage improve the functions of critical organ systems, but it is quite relaxing and a great way to take a break from life and remove stress. Foot or hand reflexology is normally conducted using soothing oils that leave these surface areas soft and supple.

The techniques have links in Swedish massage, one of the most popular styles in North America. Reflexology massage improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes overworked hands and feet and encourages the body to heal quickly.
You will feel relaxed after each treatment. Some feel sleepy or experience a broad range of other emotions, but they are all part of the process of healing.

The more often you have a reflexology massage, the more beneficial they will become. This is a great complementary treatment for many illnesses.

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